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Analysis of silicon metal price market on December! Silicon Metal Will it continue to rise?

Analysis of silicon metal price market on December! Silicon Metal Will it continue to rise?

Silicon Metal Will it continue to rise? Analysis of silicon metal price market on December!

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Market Details

silicon metal price Spot market analysis

Market transaction status:

In addition to some buyers purchasing on demand, as the foreign Christmas and domestic New Year holidays are approaching, some buyers have prepared goods in advance, and freight rates have increased due to snowstorms in many places (to avoid supply interruptions or price increases due to transportation problems) (rising), the market inquiry and purchasing atmosphere has been obviously active recently, and corporate inventories have been consumed; in general, multiple factors are currently intertwined, making the market trend full of uncertainty.

During this process, it is necessary to pay close attention to market dynamics and flexibly adjust business strategies to cope with various risks and challenges that may arise;

Market transaction price: 553# Oxygen Inner Mongolia ex-factory price is 14,800 yuan/ton; 421 East China is 15,300 yuan/ton;metal silicon price

Enterprise production situation:

Due to high costs (in addition to the increase in electricity prices in some areas, due to the shortage of silicon coal and charcoal supply, prices are also at high levels), silicon plants in Sichuan, Yunnan and other regions have recently suspended production and the scale of production reduction has further expanded, and the overall output has continued Shrinking; however, construction starts in Xinjiang are slowly increasing; overall, the current supply situation in the industrial silicon market is relatively complex, and production conditions in different regions vary greatly. In this case, the industry needs to pay close attention to production dynamics, raw material supply and market price changes in various places;

silicon metal price Market confidence:

News of companies suspending or reducing production in some areas continues to spread, and the futures market fluctuates and rebounds. Recently, the price support sentiment in the industry has increased significantly, the supply of low-priced goods in the market has decreased, and quotations have gradually increased;

silicon metal price News:

Rain and snow have occurred in many places in the north recently. State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power issued a notice on responding to the power balance gap of the entire network during this round of cold wave and snowstorms. Some silicon factories in Yili reported that they were notified to prepare for power cuts. Pay close attention to Xinjiang in the future. Recent electricity usage in the area.

Silicon Metal Price: Raw Material Price Trend

silicon metal price

Metal silicon raw material price: electrode.charcoal.silicon coal.silica.petroleum coke


silicon metal price

Silicon Metal Raw Material Price: Electricity Price


Due to the large amount of positive information, most people in the industry said that the short-term market may continue to run steadily, and prices are easy to rise but difficult to fall. However, despite the optimistic market sentiment, the final market price trend still depends on changes in supply and demand. If market demand continues to grow or supply decreases further, the likelihood of price increases will increase. On the other hand, if market demand weakens or supply increases, prices may face correction pressure.


Therefore, market participants need to pay close attention to changes in supply and demand relationships, including market demand dynamics, raw material supply status, operating rates and inventory conditions of production companies, etc. In addition, policy adjustments, international market dynamics, emergencies and other factors may also have an impact on the supply and demand relationship, which requires attention and analysis. At the same time, you also need to look at the market situation rationally and avoid blindly following the trend or being overly pessimistic to ensure the maximization of your own interests.

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