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Do you Know Rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon?

Do you Know Rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon?

Rare earth ferrosilicon magnesium 

Rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon alloy is an alloy made of ferrosilicon, calcium, magnesium, rare earth, etc. through melting. It is a good magnesium FeSi and has a strong deoxidizing and desulfurizing effect. Ferrosilicon, rare earth ore, metal magnesium It is the main raw material for producing rare earth FeSi magnesium alloy.

The production of rare earth FeSi magnesium alloy is carried out in a submerged arc furnace, which consumes a lot of power, and can also be produced in an intermediate frequency furnace;

Rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon effect:

  • Spheroidization: make the flake graphite spherical
  • Anti-decay, keep the spherical graphite without deformation for a long time

Magnesium ferrosilicon application:

  • Spheroidizing agent, vermicularizing agent and inoculant for cast iron. Rare earth magnesium FeSi alloy, also known as magnesium alloy nodulizer, is a good inoculant with high mechanical strength and strong deoxidation and desulfurization effects;
  • Steelmaking additives: light rare earth FeSi magnesium alloy used in the production of spheroidizing agents, vermicularizing agents and inoculants, and also used as additives and alloying agents in the production of steel and iron. Used for refining, deoxidation, denaturation, neutralization of low melting point harmful impurities (Pb, arsenic, etc.) and solid solution alloying, forming new metal compounds, etc. to purify steel; Spheroidizing agent particle size: Spheroidizing agent supply particle size: 5-30mm (also can be processed according to customer requirements), gray-black solid thickness does not exceed 100mm Spheroidizing agent.

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