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Metal silicon price and industrial chain in2023

Metal silicon price and industrial chain in2023

Metal silicon price and industrial chain

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Market Details

What is silicon metal?

Industrial silicon, also known as metal silicon, is derived from silicon through carbon essence agents (petroleum coke, washing coal and charcoal, etc.) in the mine thermal furnace. The silicon content is not less than 98.7%. Industrial silicon is the most important raw material for producing organic silicon and polysilicon, and it is also the raw material in cast aluminum alloy and transformed aluminum alloy.

Silicon metal

According to terminal use, industrial silicon can be divided into two major categories: metallurgical and chemical levels.

1. Metallurgical silicon metal

The metallurgical grade is mainly cast aluminum alloy. There is also a small amount of adding aluminum alloy and other metal alloys. The purpose of adding industrial silicon is to improve the liquidity and toughness of metal. Metallurgical -grade silicon considers the magazine content of industrial silicon and calcium elements, and is the key to calcium.


2. Chemical silicon metal

Chemical grades are mainly used in the direction of silicon -based materials, that is, organic silicon (silicon -based materials replace carbon -based materials) and polysilicon (silicon -based material production energy) field. Chemical -grade silicon is used to produce organic silicon and polysilicon.

Metal Silicon Global Supply and Demand

Metal Silicon Global Supply

From a global perspective, China, the United States, Brazil, Norway, and Russia are the main industrial silicon producers in the country. In 2019, the total global industrial silicon production capacity was 6.2 million tons. Except for China, industrial silicon production capacity of other countries overseas has basically maintained stability since 2016, and overseas supply has basically no increase.

Metal silicon 

Generally speaking, in the past three years, the consumption of industrial silicon views in my country has increased steadily. Due to the control of the domestic new crown epidemic, production is restored, and at the same time, the demand for downstream photovoltaic and organic silicon industries is strong. In 2021, the consumption of Chinese industrial silicon viewing was 1.8238 million tons increased by 2350%year -on -year. In addition, as overseas production gradually recovered from the epidemic, in 2021, my country’s industrial silicon exports were 714,600 tons, an increase of 16.40%year -on -year.


Industrial silicon production process

After the industrial silicon is washing, screening, and drying, according to the selected reducing agent (petroleum coke, coal washing, charcoal, etc.), the selected raw material ratio was performed according to different proportions. In essence is the continuous electrical chemical reaction carried out in the mine thermal furnace:silicon metal produce

Industrial silicon consumption direction

The main consumer areas of industrial silicon are organic silicon, polysilicon and cast aluminum silicon alloy. my country is the largest producer and consumer in the world’s industrial silicon. The scale of global industrial silicon production and sales is basically balanced, and the main consumer areas. Compared with global, my country’s downstream consumption can undertake industrial silicon output, and the consumption structure is similar to the global consumption structure. Among the three major consumer areas, the proportion of polycrystalline silicon in my country is significantly higher than the global, highlighting the characteristics of Chinese polysilicon production in the world.


Organic silicon is currently the largest area of industrial silicon consumption. The interstitial and terminal application areas are very widely used in main consumption directions to cover architecture, electronics, home appliances, electricity, medical care, individual protection, textiles, etc.


The most concerned and anticipated industrial silicon consumption direction of the polysilicon market is that polycrystalline silicon, which is widely used in photovoltaic power generation, currently ranks third in domestic consumption. The growth rate of polysilicon consumption is faster, and it is about to surpass organic silicon in consumption.


Casting aluminum alloy is the third largest consumption direction of industrial silicon and the most stable long -term consumption. When silicon is used as a material additive, it can make the made aluminum alloy more tough without cracking.


Metal silicon price in 2023

Metal silicon price

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