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MC FeMn and ordinary ferro manganese uses differences and advantages

MC FeMn and ordinary ferro manganese uses differences and advantages

Medium Carbon Ferromanganese and ordinary ferromanganese-The differences and advantages

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Medium carbon ferromanganese alloy is a ferroalloy product. Its main components are manganese and carbon. It has excellent properties such as anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, and wear resistance. It is widely used in steel, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry and other industries. 


Medium carbon ferromanganese alloy usually uses coke as a reducing agent during the smelting process, and silica needs to be added at the same time, while ordinary ferromanganese does not need to add these auxiliary materials. In addition, medium carbon ferromanganese alloys are usually smelted in blast furnaces or electric furnaces during the production process, while ordinary ferromanganese is more often smelted in open hearth or converter furnaces.


Medium carbon ferromanganese alloy and ordinary ferromanganese are two common ferroalloy materials. They have some differences in composition and performance. The following are the differences between medium carbon ferromanganese alloy and ordinary ferromanganese and their respective advantages:

Ferro Manganese

MC FeMn Ingredients difference:

The manganese content of medium carbon ferromanganese alloy is higher, generally between 75% and 85%, while the manganese content of ordinary ferromanganese is between 60% and 75%. The high manganese content makes medium carbon ferromanganese alloys have better oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance in smelting alloys and casting alloys, and can improve the hardness and strength of the alloy.

In addition, the carbon content of medium carbon ferromanganese alloy is moderate, generally between 0.8% and 1.5%, while the carbon content of ordinary ferromanganese is only between 0.3% and 0.7%. The moderate carbon content enables the medium carbon ferromanganese alloy to maintain good liquid properties and fluidity during the smelting process, which is beneficial to the perfusion and filling capabilities of the alloy and improves the overall performance of the alloy.

Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese Specification

Grade Mn C max Si max S max P max
MC FeMn 75-88 1-2 2.5 0.03 0.018
Size: 10-70 mm/10-100mm


MC FeMn alloy has the following advantages in practical applications:

1. Medium carbon ferromanganese alloy has a higher melting point and oxidation resistance, and can maintain its stability and durability in high temperature environments.


2. Medium carbon manganese ferroalloy is widely used as deoxidizer and alloy additive in the fields of steel metallurgy, casting, electronic industry and other fields. It can enhance the strength and toughness of steel and improve the quality and performance of steel.


3. Medium carbon manganese ferroalloys also have important applications in the fields of environmental protection and construction and civil engineering. They are often used in corrosion-resistant steel, structural steel, electrical steel and other fields.


4. Medium carbon ferromanganese alloy has good compatibility with other alloys and can be combined with silicon, chromium, nickel and other elements to form a variety of ferroalloys with different properties to meet different production needs.


In short, medium carbon ferromanganese alloy is superior to ordinary ferromanganese in terms of smelting process, carbon content, manganese content, melting point and anti-oxidation performance, and has wider application fields and stronger practicability.


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