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HC ferrochrome price trend

HC ferrochrome price trend

HC ferrochrome price trend

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HC ferrochrome

HC ferrochrome chemical composition

Category Grade Chemical composition (mass fraction) “%
Cr C Si P S
High Carbon Ferro chrome FeCr67C6. 0 62.0-72.0 6.0 1.0 0.03 0.04 0.06
FeCr67C9.5 62.0-72.0 9.5 1.0 0.03 0.04 0.06
FeCr55C1000 60.0 52.0 10.0 1.5 5.0 0.04 0.06 0.04 0.06

HC ferrochrome Market Details

From the perspective of supply and demand, domestic production and imports of high-carbon ferrochrome have experienced “double growth” since August. The supply side continued to increase in September, which led to the end of the difficulty in finding spot goods in the early market. The supply of high-carbon ferrochrome is expected to be in October. will continue to remain high.

At the same time, demand gradually “misfired”. Taking the base price of 304 cold-rolled spot market as an example, it fell from the initial high of 15,500 yuan/ton to the current 14,600 yuan/ton, and the futures price fell even more. In addition to the sharp “diving” of prices, transaction difficulties are even more difficult. After further accumulation of inventory during the National Day holiday, the pressure on the stainless steel market to destock continues to increase.

Steel mills have canceled price limits and cut production simultaneously. The market continues to be tested. Currently, 300 The cost of stainless steel is roughly 400 yuan/ton (alloy process). If the terminal market continues to be sluggish, it is not ruled out that stainless steel plants will expand production cuts.

In addition, the bleak operating rate of the foundry industry this year has been difficult to improve, resulting in the high-chromium retail market failing to usher in the “Golden Nine and Silver Ten” market as expected. Dealers’ sales cycle has lengthened, shipments have decreased, iron prices lack speculation opportunities, and operational enthusiasm has been affected. The impact is obvious, and the activity of the zero-order market has also cooled down.

HC Ferrochrome

High carbon ferrochrome price expectations

Entering November, the high-carbon ferrochrome market continued to operate weakly and steadily. On the one hand, confidence in the industry is sluggish, transaction performance is average, and the supply-demand game continues, with market operability gradually slowing down.

On the other hand, steel recruitment is progressing slowly, and news of production cuts and shutdowns continue to spread in the market. Today’s news came out that due to the arrival of the flat water period in Sichuan, electricity prices have increased significantly. A high-carbon ferrochrome factory in Ebian County, Sichuan has shut down for maintenance. The impact is expected to be The factory’s output is 6,000 tons/month.

Increasing incidents affecting the high-chromium market have highlighted the cautious attitude in the high-carbon ferrochrome market, and there has been no significant change overall.

The current mainstream quotation in the high-carbon ferrochrome market is around 8,500-8,550 yuan/ton; the Alloy Bao Index shows: the base price of high-carbon ferrochrome 50 (tax included): Hebei: 8,714 yuan (-); Shandong: 8,795 yuan (↑30); Liaoning area: 8943 yuan (↑10); Jiangsu area: 8968 yuan (↑30); Sichuan area: 9065 yuan (↑20); Hunan area: 9037 yuan (↑20)


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