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Ferrosilicon prices in India and China in the near future

Ferrosilicon prices in India and China in the near future

Ferrosilicon prices in India and China in the near future

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Market Details

Ferrosilicon prices in India

The ex-factory price of ferrosilicon in Guwahati, India is 101,800 rupees/ton. Prices in Bhutan increased by 500 rupees/ton on a week-on-week basis.

Ferrosilicon prices

Market conditions remain as before:

Ferrosilicon prices generally follow the same pattern after new pricing is announced at the beginning of each month. Changes occur when discounts are offered on certain bulk orders. However, most producers in Guwahati and Bhutan are still quoting prices of INR 1,02,000/tonne. Again, because Indian stainless steel plants are suffering huge losses and demand for ferrosilicon is limited, ferrosilicon prices continue to remain stable. Prices are expected to remain range-bound in the near term. Prices are not changing much as both trades and buy inquiries are at a constant level.


Ferrosilicon prices in China

The ferrosilicon spot market is mainly weak and consolidates, and the market has not fluctuated significantly for the time being. In the absence of market guidance, it is difficult to improve overall.

Ferrosilicon prices

Ferrosilicon prices from Jan to Dec


Market confidence:

On the one hand, the futures market is weak and volatile, and confidence in the spot market is damaged. On the other hand, the overall wait-and-see atmosphere is highlighted due to poor transaction performance and lack of guidance in the market. Moreover, with the New Year’s Day holiday approaching, the holiday-ready atmosphere in the market is highlighted, and most businesses are waiting to return after the holiday before making plans.


Market transaction price:

Today’s market price of ferrosilicon 72# is still concentrated around 6500-6550 yuan/ton. In addition, the Alloy Bao Index shows that today’s ferrosilicon 75B price is mainly consolidating in a narrow range compared with the previous trading day; among which, the cash tax-included price in Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places is concentrated at 6868-7051 yuan/ton nearby;


Market transaction status:

Currently, most purchasers focus on on-demand procurement. Due to the strong pre-holiday holiday atmosphere, individual steel mills in the south lowered their prices yesterday to finalize the bidding price, and the iconic steel bidding is still under the guidance of starting, some industry players still have concerns about the market outlook. Not optimistic. The seller’s psychology is positive for shipments, but it is in the off-season, and the overall transaction is not ideal, and further follow-up is needed.



In the short term, the ferrosilicon spot market is expected to remain pessimistic. Market participants’ pessimistic expectations about future market trends may cause buyers and sellers to operate more cautiously and transaction activities to slow down, further affecting ferrosilicon prices. Therefore, it may be difficult for the ferrosilicon spot market to see a significant improvement in the short term. However, market conditions change dynamically, and actual trends need to be analyzed in conjunction with the latest market data and information.

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