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Difference between ferrosilicon and ferromanganese

Difference between ferrosilicon and ferromanganese

Difference between ferrosilicon and ferromanganese


Ferrosilicon and ferromanganese are two important ferroalloys used in various industrial applications. While they share some similarities, there are distinct differences between them in terms of composition, properties, and applications. Let’s explore the five key differences between ferrosilicon and ferromanganese.


Ferrosilicon is an alloy composed primarily of iron and silicon, with silicon content ranging from 15% to 90%. The remaining composition may include small amounts of carbon, aluminum, and other elements. On the other hand, ferromanganese is an alloy composed mainly of iron and manganese, with manganese content ranging from 30% to 85%. It may also contain small amounts of carbon and other elements.

ferrosilicon speciflcations


Chemical component%
Si Mn Cr C P S Al
Fesi75A 75-80 0.4max 0.3max 0.1max 0.035max 0.02max 1.5max
Fesi75B 73-80 0.4max 0.3max 0.1max 0.04max 0.02max 1.5max
Fesi75C 72-75 0.5max 0.3max 0.2max 0.04max 0.02max 2max
Fesi65 65 0.6max 0.5max 0.05max 0.04max 0.02max 1.5max


Ferrosilicon and ferromanganese exhibit different physical and chemical properties. Ferrosilicon is known for its high melting point, ranging between 1200°C and 1300°C, making it suitable for high-temperature applications. It has a relatively low density and is brittle in nature. Ferromanganese, on the other hand, has a lower melting point compared to ferrosilicon, typically around 1100°C. It has a higher density, greater toughness, and is more resistant to corrosion.


Ferro silicon and ferromanganese find applications in different industries due to their unique properties. Ferro silicon is commonly used as a deoxidizer, inoculant, and alloying agent in the production of steel and cast iron. It helps improve the strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance of these materials. Additionally, due to its ability to release heat upon reaction with oxygen, ferrosilicon is used in the production of welding electrodes. Ferromanganese, on the other hand, is primarily used as an alloying agent in the production of steel. It imparts desirable properties such as increased strength, toughness, and wear resistance to steel.


Alloying Elements:

While both ferro silicon and ferromanganese are alloying agents, they have different effects on the properties of the base metal. Ferrosilicon is mainly used to introduce silicon into alloys. Silicon improves the strength, hardness, and magnetic properties of steel while reducing its brittleness. Ferromanganese, on the other hand, introduces manganese into alloys. Manganese enhances the hardenability of steel, improves its tensile strength, and increases its resistance to wear and abrasion.

Availability and Cost:

The availability and cost of ferrosilicon and ferromanganese can vary due to factors such as the abundance of raw materials and production processes. Ferrosilicon is relatively more abundant and cheaper compared to ferromanganese. This is because silicon is a commonly available element, while manganese is less abundant and requires more complex extraction processes.

In summary, ferrosilicon and ferromanganese are two distinct ferroalloys with different compositions, properties, and applications. Ferro silicon is primarily composed of iron and silicon, while ferromanganese consists mainly of iron and manganese. They find applications in the steel industry but serve different purposes. Ferro silicon is used as a deoxidizer, inoculant, and alloying agent, while ferromanganese acts as an alloying agent, enhancing the strength and wear resistance of steel. Understanding these differences is crucial for selecting the appropriate ferroalloy for specific industrial applications.

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