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Nodulizer also is Ferrosilicon Magnesium alloy

Nodulizer also is Ferrosilicon Magnesium alloy

Ferrosilicon Magnesium alloy   What Is Ferrosilicon Magnesium? Ferrosilicon magnesium, also known as FeSiMg alloy, is a remelting alloy made up of Ferro silicon, Magnesium, rare ear...

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Ferrosilicon Magnesium alloy



What Is Ferrosilicon Magnesium?

Ferrosilicon magnesium, also known as FeSiMg alloy, is a remelting alloy made up of Ferro silicon, Magnesium, rare earth, and Calcium.
As an additive, it can crystallize the graphite in cast iron into a ball shape. Its’ main elements are Si, Mg, Re, Ca, etc. The silicon magnesium alloys containing rare earth elements are divided into ordinary rare earth nodularizer and yttrium base heavy rare earth nodularizer.

Magnesium has the strongest spheroidizing ability and it is most widely used as spheroidizing agent. However, magnesium has a low boiling point, which is much lower than the temperature of molten iron. Therefore, when pure magnesium is used as a spheroidizing agent, the magnesium will be gasified at a high speed, which is not safe and economical, and will also pollute the environment. In nodular iron foundries, in order to slow down the gasification of magnesium, cast iron manufacturers generally use ferrosilicon-magnesium alloys with a mass fraction of magnesium not exceeding 10%, or rare earth ferrosilicon-magnesium alloys as spheroidizing agents.

Ferrosilicon Magnesium

Ferrosilicon Magnesium uses

The ferro silicon magnesium is a common additive used in the steelmaking industry.

  1. In iron steel making, it is added as the nodularizer, the vermiculizer, and the inoculant. With strong mechanical strength, it works well in deoxidation and desulfurization.
  2. It can also be used as alloy agent for refining, deoxidation, denaturation and neutralization of harmful impurities (Pb, arsenic, etc.) with a lower melting point. By solid solution alloying, the ferro silicon magnesium can help to form new metal compounds with the impurities, to purify the steel.


Ferrosilicon Magnesium Specifications

Type Code name Chemical component wt% Explanation
Re Mg Si Mn Ca Ti Al
Spheroidizing agent
series rare
earth magnesium
ferrosilicon alloy
FeSiMg5Re1 1~2 5~6 £43 1.5~2.5 <0.5 <0.5 Low magnesium 4%-5.5%Mg spheroidizing agent,
1%-2%RE for medium frequency furnace melting
low sulfur iron liquid spheroidizing
reaction stable and high absorption rate.
FeSiMg6Re2 2~3 6~7 £43 2~3 <0.5 <0.5 Medium magnesium 6%-7%mg spheroidizing agent,
used for cupola electric furnace double smelting,
or medium frequency furnace smelting pearlite type ductile iron castings.
FeSiMg8Re3 2~4 7~9 £44 2~3.5 £1.0 <0.5
FeSiMg6Re4 3~5 5~7 £44 2~3.5 £1.0
FeSiMg8Re5 4.0~<6.0 7.0~9.0 £44.0 £4.0 £4.0 £2.0
FeSiMg8Re7 6.0~<8.0 7.0~<9.0
FeSiMg10Re7 6.0~<8.0 9.0~11.0 High magnesium spheroidizing agent,
suitable for cupola melting of 0.06%-0.09% sulfur liquid iron,
adding between 1.6%-2.0% for medium frequency electric furnace hot iron,
reduce the amount of adding.
FeSiMg8Re9 8.0~<10.0 7.0~<9.0
FeSiMg10Re9 8.0~<10.0 9.0~11.0
FeSiMg8Re11 10.0~<13.0 7.0~10.0
FeSiMg13Re14 13.0~15.0 12.0~15.0 £44.0 £5.0
FeSiMg8Re16 15.0~<17.0 7.0~10.0
FeSiMg8Re18 17.0~<20.0 7.0~10.0
FeSiMg10Re21 20.0~<23.0 9.0~11.0


Packing & Delivery

1. 25kgs/50kgs bag, 20-24MT/20’Container
2. In 25kgs bag, then into 1000kgs jumbo bag, 20-24tons/20’Container
3. In 1000/1150kgs jumbo bagAs customers’ request
Delivery Time:Within 5-10 days after receipt of prepayment or L/C

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