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Why do inferior ferrosilicon blocks turn into powder?

Why do inferior ferrosilicon blocks turn into powder?

Why do inferior ferrosilicon blocks turn into powder?

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What is silicone carbide?

Ferrosilicon is an iron alloy that is mainly smelted from coke, steel scraps, quartz (or silica) in an electric furnace. It has ductility and plasticity, is not easily brittle, and is magnetic within a certain temperature range. Ferrosilicon is mainly used in the steel smelting and casting industries to improve the physical properties and chemical composition of steel and improve the quality of steel.

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Why do inferior ferrosilicon blocks turn into powder?


If ferrosilicon powder is exposed to the air for too long, it will react with oxygen to produce oxides. This oxide will roughen the surface of ferrosilicon powder, reduce its electrical conductivity, and cause pulverization.


Ferrosilicon powder has certain hygroscopicity. When exposed to a humid environment, it will absorb a large amount of water and become sticky and difficult to flow, thereby accelerating the powdering process.


When ferrosilicon powder rubs in packaging bags or storage containers, its surface may be damaged, and the particles may rub against each other and wear away, which is also a factor leading to powdering.


High temperature environment will make ferrosilicon powder more fragile and easily broken. In addition, the volume expansion of the silicon and iron compounds in ferrosilicon when the temperature decreases may also lead to powdering of ferrosilicon.


The packaging method of ferrosilicon powder will also affect whether it pulverizes. If packaged improperly, ferrosilicon powder may be squeezed and rubbed during transportation or storage, causing surface damage and resulting in powdering.

Composition issues:

Improper aluminum, phosphorus and calcium content in ferrosilicon may contribute to ferrosilicon powdering. Especially when the aluminum and phosphorus contents increase to a certain value at the same time, this ferrosilicon is more likely to pulverize in the air with higher humidity. In addition, ferrosilicon is prone to powdering when its silicon content is low.

Cooling rate:

The cooling rate of ferrosilicon during the smelting process will also affect whether it pulverizes. If the cooling rate is fast and the segregation degree of silicon is small, pulverization is less likely to occur; on the other hand, if the cooling rate is slow and the segregation degree of silicon is large, pulverization is more likely to occur.


It should be noted that ferrosilicon powdering is a complex physical and chemical process, which may be caused by the combined action of multiple factors mentioned above. In practical applications, appropriate measures need to be taken according to specific circumstances, such as improving the storage environment, optimizing packaging methods, controlling the temperature and cooling rate during the smelting process, etc., to prevent the occurrence of ferrosilicon powdering.

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