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No major changes expected for European ferroalloy products suppliers

No major changes expected for European ferroalloy products suppliers

No major changes expected for European base alloy suppliers

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No major changes expected for European ferroalloy products suppliers 

Commercial activity in the European base alloys spot market remains subdued. The price of manganese alloy has adjusted slightly, and the quotation of ferrosilicon has been relatively stable. Market participants do not yet see the prerequisites for significant changes in the near future.

The quotation price of ferrosilicon (75% Si) remains at 1,300-1,365 euros/ton DDP. A small number of trades were completed this week at prices within the specified range. One producer even managed to trade at €1,390/ton DDP, but this is not yet the overall market level. Market participants said buying new batches of imported products remains unprofitable and risky. In addition, there are fewer quotes for these alloys; in particular, there are no quotes from Egyptian and Brazilian ferrosilicon suppliers (delivery before the end of the year). Malaysian alloy quotations fell by US$40/ton to US$1,310-1,320/ton CIF, but were still unattractive to European buyers.

In this case, European ferroalloy products suppliers expect lower import volumes in the near term but are not confident about the possibility of price increases as consumption remains sluggish. A European manufacturer said: “We hope that prices will gradually increase, especially now that it no longer makes sense to import from Asia. But we don’t know how much inventory traders currently have. In addition, demand is still insufficient.”

Against the background of weak demand and continued price decline in India, the price of silicomanganese (65% Mn; 16-17% Si) fell slightly, falling by an average of 15 euros/ton to 910-940 euros/ton DDP. Indian alloy prices have fallen by $35/ton in the past two weeks. There are several transactions at US$860-870/ton CIF Rotterdam, but for many buyers, Indian prices are still unattractive.

High carbon ferromanganese (75% Mn) is quoted at 920-960 euros/ton DDP, an increase of 25 euros/ton from a week ago. The positive revision was due to lower inventories of cheap products after a quarterly contraction, but demand is not high at the moment.

Market participants said that consumers are currently mainly negotiating long-term contracts for next year, and due to the unclear outlook for the steel market, they are uncertain about the purchase volume of ferroalloys.


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