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60Cr Ferro chromium Korean Cases

60Cr Ferro chromium Korean  Cases

Introduction to ferro chromium and Its Application in Cast Iron


In June, a Korean customer saw our independent website and consulted us about ferrochromium. We carefully shared ferrochrome product details, company qualifications, and other information with customers. We have fostered a strong bond with customers, earning their unwavering trust through consistent communication.


Model Chemical composition(%)
Cr C Si P S
FeCr67C6.0 60.0 6.0 3.0 0.03 0.06
FeCr60C0.1 60.0 0.1 1.5 3.0 0.04 0.06 0.04 0.06

ferro chrome

Introduction to ferro chromium

High Carbon FerroChrome

ferro chromium is an alloy composed of iron and chromium, with chromium being the primary component, accounting for more than 50% of its composition. This alloy exhibits remarkable heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties, making it widely used in various industrial sectors.

The presence of iron in ferrochrome enhances the material’s strength and toughness, while chromium imparts excellent resistance to corrosion and heat.

Types of ferro chromium

According to the different carbon content in ferro chrome, ferrochrome can be divided into four types.

  • High carbon ferrochrome: the carbon content ranges from 4 to 10%;
  • Medium carbon ferrochrome: carbon content is between 0.5~4%;
  • Low carbon ferrochrome: carbon content is between 0.15~0.5%;
  • Micro-carbon ferrochrome: the carbon content ranges from 0.03 to 0.15%.

Application of ferro chromium in Cast Iron

1.Cast iron is a common casting material known for its excellent fluidity and wear resistance. Ferrochrome finds extensive application in cast iron for the following reasons:

2.Improved heat resistance:

Ferrochrome enhances the heat resistance of cast iron, enabling it to maintain excellent mechanical properties in high-temperature environments. This makes cast iron with ferrochrome suitable for applications in automotive engines, aerospace engines, and other high-temperature working conditions.


3.Enhanced corrosion resistance:

The addition of ferrochrome improves the corrosion resistance of cast iron, making it more durable in humid and corrosive environments. This makes cast iron with ferrochrome valuable in areas such as marine engineering and chemical equipment.


4.Increased hardness and wear resistance:

Ferrochrome contributes to enhanced hardness and wear resistance in cast iron, making it suitable for applications in mechanical components and abrasive parts. For instance, in construction machinery and mining equipment, cast iron parts often endure high-strength and high-wear working conditions.


5.Optimized microstructure of cast iron:

The addition of ferrochrome improves the crystal structure and overall microstructure of cast iron, reducing defects and impurities. This helps enhance Chromium-based white cast iron has high initial hardness and excellent wear resistance under low impact and low stress wear conditions.

High chromium cast iron has excellent erosion and wear properties and is widely used in erosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts of equipment such as petrochemical industry and hydraulic generators .

Size and packing


Packing:Supply in ton packed bags or 25KG double-decked small bags(customizabie).

ferro chromium

Why Choose Wei Yuan Alloy ?

1 How can we guarantee quality?

Always a pre-production sample before mass production;

Always final Inspection before shipment;

2.What services can we provide?

Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF;

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3. When can we get free samples and goods?

For samples, 1 KG is available for quality check and market test, delivery time within 2 days, ship by air transport door to door.

4.What’s the MOQ and delivery time?

For bulk order, 20T delivery time within 5-7 working days, 100T delivery time 10-15 working days.

5. What’s your payment terms?

For samples, FREE Samples will be sent immediately if there are in stock.

For bulk orders, T/T 30% as deposit and T/T 70% before delivery

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