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Smelting knowledge of calcium silicon alloy

Smelting knowledge of calcium silicon alloy

Smelting knowledge of calcium silicon alloy

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What is calcium silicon

Calcium silicon alloy is a commonly used metallurgical material mainly used for desulfurization and deoxidation in steel and cast iron production. It is made from raw materials such as silica and calcium stone through batching, mixing and smelting processes. The smelting process of calcium silicon alloy will be introduced in detail below.

calcium silicon alloy

The smelting process of calcium silicon alloy can be divided into the following steps:


Raw material selection:

The main raw materials of calcium silicon alloy are silica and calcite. Silica contains silicon dioxide (SiO2), while calcite contains calcium oxide (CaO). After these raw materials are crushed, screened and dried, they are used for subsequent batching and mixing.


Batching and mixing:

According to the required calcium silicate alloy composition, silica and calcium stone are batched in a certain proportion. Typically, the silicon content of calcium silicon alloys ranges from 30% to 60%. After the ingredients are prepared, the ingredients need to be thoroughly mixed to ensure uniformity of ingredients.


Smelting process:

Smelting of calcium silicon alloy is usually carried out in an electric furnace. First, the mixed raw materials are loaded into the electric furnace, and a certain amount of coke or petroleum coke is added as a reducing agent. Then, an appropriate amount of oxygen is introduced to bring the oxygen content in the furnace to a suitable level.


Reaction process:

At high temperatures, the silica in the silica reacts with the calcium oxide in the calcite. The main reactions are as follows:
SiO2 + 2Ca = Si + 2CaO

This reaction produces silicon and calcium oxide (calcium oxide) in a calcium silicon alloy. The silicon in calcium silicon alloy has good reducing and deoxidizing properties and can react with oxygen, sulfur and other elements in steel or cast iron, reducing them to harmless gases or forming sulfides that are prone to scum.


Performance characteristics of calcium silicon alloy

High melting point: The melting point of calcium silicone alloy is relatively high, generally above 1500°C, which makes it have good stability in high temperature environments.

  • Low expansion coefficient: Calciume silicone alloy has a low linear expansion coefficient, which allows it to maintain dimensional stability when temperature changes.
  • Good wear resistance: Calcium silicone alloy has high hardness and strength and can resist wear and corrosion.
  • Good electrical conductivity: Calcium silicone alloy has good electrical conductivity and can be used as a conductive material for electrical equipment.
  • Good thermal conductivity: Calcium silicone alloy has good thermal conductivity and can be used as a heat sink and thermal conductive material.


Application fields of calcium silicon alloy

Steel smelting:

In the steel smelting process, calcium silicone alloy can be used as a deoxidizer and desulfurizer to improve the quality and performance of steel.


During the casting process, calcium silicone alloy can be used as a binder and coating for molding sand to improve the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of castings.

Welding materials:

During the welding process, calcium silicon alloy can be used as a coating material for the welding rod to improve the strength and corrosion resistance of the welded joint.
Refractory materials: Adding an appropriate amount of calcium silicon alloy to refractory materials can improve the high temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance of refractory materials.


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