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Calcium silicate produced from 3300 kW submerged arc furnace

Calcium silicate produced from 3300 kW submerged arc furnace

Calcium silicate produced from 3300 kW submerged arc furnace

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Calcium silicon is widely used in the metallurgical field. It can be used as an additive for deoxidation and desulfurization to improve the strength and quality of steel. It is widely used in steel, casting, aluminum alloy and other industries, so it is an important alloy material. When producing calcium silicate, submersible arc furnace is a common production equipment. The main advantages of producing calcium silicate with a 3300kw submerged arc furnace are as follows:

Seeries Chemical Composition%
Ca Si C Al P S
Ca31 Si60 31 55-65 1.0 2.4 0.04 0.05
Ca28 Si60 28 55-65 1.0 2.4 0.04 0.05
Ca24 Si60 24 55-65 1.0 2.5 0.04 0.04
Ca20 Si55 20 55-60 1.0 2.5 0.04 0.04
Ca16 Si55 16 55-60 1.0 2.5 0.04 0.04

1. High efficiency and energy saving:

 The 3300KW submerged arc furnace has excellent energy utilization efficiency in the production of calcium silicate. By reasonably controlling parameters such as temperature and fuel ratio, energy waste and loss can be minimized. Compared with traditional furnace types, submerged arc furnaces have higher combustion efficiency and heat conduction efficiency. A 3300kw submerged arc furnace produces calcium silicate. Compared with traditional 1.5MVA to 6.3MVA submerged arc furnaces, the power consumption is about 13000~15000KWh. /t, the power consumption is significantly reduced and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

2. Environmental protection and emission reduction:

The 3300KW submerged arc furnace adopts advanced combustion technology and exhaust gas treatment system, which effectively reduces pollutant emissions. High-quality high-temperature combustion can improve combustion efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Traditional calcium silicon alloy submersible furnaces are mostly open furnaces. During the smelting process, the smelting area is exposed to the atmosphere, and a large amount of flue gas and dust directly enter the air, resulting in harsh working conditions. It pollutes the environment and the dust emission is greater than the national standard of 150mg/Nm3. The 3300kw submerged arc furnace is used to produce calcium silicate, using a closed furnace body, which greatly reduces flue gas emissions and has significant environmental benefits.

3. High Calcium silicate product quality:

In the production of calcium silicon alloy, the alloy layer is between the carbide slag layer at the bottom of the furnace and the silicate slag layer on the surface. Therefore, the heat required for superheating the silicate slag layer needs to be transferred through the alloy molten iron layer. This causes the alloy to overheat, causing the vapor pressure of the calcium element to be too high and the evaporation loss of the calcium element to be large, resulting in a low content of Ca and Si elements in the silicon-calcium alloy. The 3300kw submerged arc furnace is used to produce calcium silicon, and a new calcium silicon alloy smelting batching technology is used to extend the service life of the furnace and improve product quality.
The submerged arc furnace has a high degree of automation and stability, and can realize full-process control and monitoring. Through precise process parameter adjustment and real-time data monitoring, submersible arc furnaces can ensure stable product quality and consistency. Automatic control and intelligent monitoring during the production process reduce the possibility of human errors and ensure the stability and reliability of product quality.

Calcium silicate

Therefore, producing calcium silicate with an energy scale of 3300kw can not only meet market demand, but also reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and reduce environmental pollution. This is an important method and trend in calcium silicate production, and it is also in line with the requirements of my country’s current environmental protection policy.


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